Phoenix Festivals presents AUTUMN MEET 2019

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When: Oct. 9th. 2019 – Oct. 13th. 2019 
Where: Lakeland, Florida 
Event Location: 2505 W Bella Vista Street in Lakeland 
Event TIME Details: Gates open daily 9am — walk-ins welcome. Close 11  

Event Details: Established in 1992, Phoenix Festivals Inc. has a twenty seven year history of providing Florida pagans a place to share and celebrate their beliefs. Phoenix Festivals, a 501 (c) 3 religious education corporation, hosts two outdoor events in Lakeland, Florida: Phoenix Phyre in March and Autumn Meet in October. Its event schedule is jam packed with an average of 36 different classes, drumming, dancing, fire spinning, concerts, costume parades, and sweat lodges. There is an amazing kids’ program of 9-12 different classes including a ritual construction class where the children plan and practice a ritual to be presented to the community on Friday night. There is a separate space for teens including both a gaming tent and lounge tent. Phoenix Festivals has a very active Sage and Crone group with their own Elder’s Tent where they welcome anyone in the community to visit for wisdom, relaxing or just an open ear. They also provide Rites of Passage.

Festival site is located on a working ranch, populated by large, live oaks and surrounded by cows and horses. Festival goers are often visited by peafowl, a potbellied pig, or a stray goat. The heartbeat of the community is our ritual fire circle and radiating from that is our community center – home of community meals, late night card games, puzzles and early morning free coffee; vendors row – where you can find a variety of pagan related merchandise, a massage or food; a sand hill for little tots and sound stage. Tents, campers, outdoor private showers and an in ground pool make up the outer perimeter. If you forget anything or need supplies, the site is not far from a wide variety of retail establishments.